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The Sounds of Sasaab

The Sounds of Sasaab

Three of Kenya's most talented musical minds have come together to create a one-of-a-kind project which aims to work with different communities around the country to fuse centuries-old traditional music with contemporary beats.

Zaqi Alibhai

Zaqi Alibhai speaks with Dylan, Suraj, and Foozak - three Kenyan DJ's who share their tale of  travelling to the remote Samburu region in Northern Kenya to produce some of the most unique sounds on the continent. The three narrate the joy and struggles of putting the project together, as well as their experience as artists during the pandemic.

Suraj and the Samburu community gearing up for their first recording session. 

A member of the Samburu in full traditional attire hearing his voice played back for the first time.

Mastermind DJ and producer Dylan sets up their improvised studio.

Foozak with members of the Samburu community. 

Dylan and Foozak preparing for the last recording session.

Dylan, Suraj, and Foozak looking over the Ewaso Nero river, where their record label was conceptualized and was subsequently named after.