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Her Voice!

Her Voice!

Young African women share their one idea for creating a more equal world, in their field of expertise.


Young African women share their one idea for creating a more equal world, in their field of expertise.

These are some of the dynamic women we spoke to:

Susan Njoroge is a Kenyan radio and TV presenter who passionately argues for having more women in all areas of the media industry, and not just in front of the camera. She advocates for more female roles to change the media space in Africa, by sharing different perspectives. Susan also stresses the importance of having more women in leadership positions in the media as this can level the playing field.

Esther Krakue is a Ghanaian media director for a football group based in London. For International Women’s Day she would love to see more women in sports media in Africa. She called on companies and organisations to promote more women in this industry around the world, as women have just as an important voice in this sector as men. She believes sport is something that can bring people together and should be utilised to help women have a bigger impact in each other’s lives.

Maida Ali is a young Kenyan with a background in healthcare, finance and law. For International Women’s Day, Maida aims to enrich and empower women from across the continent, specifically in areas such as maternal healthcare. She believes education and free access to basic maternal healthcare should be a basic human right that every woman should have and save the lives of countless women. She calls on governments across the continent to increase budgets to cater for women’s needs, especially when it comes to maternal health.

Melissa-Marie is a Kenyan social sciences student at the African Leadership University and aims to dedicate her life as a graduate helping to uplift disadvantaged women in Kenya. She highlights the obstacles faced by thousands of women from across the continent during the Coronavirus pandemic, specifically women in need of maternal healthcare. Melissa-Marie shares her innovative ideas to help make use of scarce resources and improve access to health facilities in countries with limited infrastructure.

Sylvia Ogola is a young lawyer and advocate of the High Court of Kenya. Sylvia hopes that through technology and innovation, those in the legal field can find improved ways of raising awareness about women’s fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as ensuring women have access to equal opportunities. She recognises that women have always had a voice, and on International Women’s Day, it is more important than ever to stress the need for women to stand up for themselves.