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Minding Our Minds

Minding Our Minds

This dynamic group of mental health champions share their desire for all people to have access to mental health care and community support without fear of stigma.

Chidi Afulezi
Chidi Afulezi

The mental health edition of Young Africa Connects brought together a group of passionate, young Africans to create a safe space to discuss mental health. The speakers shared their lived and professional experiences dealing with mental health issues and outlined the challenges that prevent the youth, from seeking the help that they need.  

This dynamic group of mental health champions also shared their desire for all people across the continent to have equitable access to specialised mental health care and community support without fear of stigma.

Journalist and storyteller, Dannish Odongo, heads up the Wellness Tribe in Kenya, which seeks to promote holistic wellness through research. He shared the emotional hurdles he jumped over in order to be comfortable within himself and articulate his condition to those closest to him, even if he did not receive support in return.

Carol Mathias-O’Chez, the in-house psychologist at the International School in Ghana, stresses the need to expand access to quality mental healthcare for young people and for communities to come together, get educated and extend a helping hand to those who are visibly struggling.

Tengetile Hlophe, a research fellow at the Eswatini Economic Policy Analysis and Research Centre, shares her observations about the personal and societal pressure that young people experience when are unable to find work, and the dangers of mental health issues that may develop as a result.

Young Africa Connects is a live social media series that happens on the Young Africa Works page. Through it, they aim to inspire, engage, and uplift young people, while amplifying the incredible work they are doing across the continent.