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Africa Day 2021

Africa Day 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of millions across the continent, but despite the challenges, Africa has shown its resilience and beauty in the face of adversity. CovidHQAfrica celebrates this Africa Day 2021!

COVIDHQ Editorial Squad

Africa Day is the annual celebration of the foundation and Charter of the Organisation of African Unity on May 25th 1963, the precursor to the African Union. The OAU was founded in Addis Ababa to empower the people of the continent and to foster common African unity. As declared on this historic day by the former Emperor of Ethiopia, Halie Selassie; "May this convention of union last 1000 years!"

Millions of people across the continent have felt the shock and personal impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Despite the challenges, many have had to adapt to a new normal while going about their daily lives.
From every corner, the resilience and beauty of Africa in the face of the global pandemic is endless.
In this unprecedented crisis, communities have come together to take care of one another to overcome shared adversities.
Young people make up the majority of the continent, and continue to persevere and find joy in their work.