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#AmplifyHQ - Introducing the Talent!

#AmplifyHQ - Introducing the Talent!

Amplify HQ is up and running with 23 incredible creators, learning new skills through our program, sharing ideas, and of course... creating!

COVIDHQ Editorial Squad

The #AmplifyHQ Fellowship Programme has kicked off to a great start. Over the last two weeks we’ve talked about what makes a story, and the ways in which stories can resonate, move us to think, do, feel, and act differently.  We’ve dissected videos, had some amazing guest speakers and a lot of laughs. The conversations have been awesome!

23 fellows from 10 countries in Africa make a great mix of voices and diverse opinions, and it’s just cool to meet each other!

So, we want to introduce you to some of the fellows who introduced themselves to us and each other, in an assignment with a twist.  They could not mention what they do or where they are from.

Meet our cohort animator  Chaita Putta (AKA Black Rose).  He knows that one day, he's going to win an Oscar.

She says she’s a work in progress. Meet Clarke Dhana who takes inspiration from one famous doctor. Do you know him?

Caroline Njeri just has that energy.  That great energy.  Just watch, o!  You will just want to smile.

Sound can be just as powerful as visuals. Here’s what happens when there’s no video, only audio. Meet Nasra Bwana!

Blessing Nwodo introduces herself by sharing an exciting encounter in her written piece.

Photo: Blessing Nwodo

Sometime last week, I was walking down the street, my phone pressed against my ear, immersed in hot gist with a friend when I stopped abruptly at a sight before me and said with the utmost urgency "There's something important I must do now-now-now, and I need both my hands. I'll call you back".

I hung up and walked briskly to the source of my agitation. It had just finished raining and the untarred road squelched with wet mud as I moved. After taking permission, I bent down to reach the creature that had captured my attention, while everyone around it edged away in fear, except the lady restraining it. It was a snowwhite samoyed excited to see me, a stranger it had never met.

The owner, a light skinned lady of average height, sporting cornrows with tips the shade of fresh turmeric called out as she tried to subdue the exuberance of the canine reaching out for me "Be careful o, it's been raining and she'll make your clothes dirty".

"It's fine" I said as I patted the ball of fluff whose excitement powered its wagging tail, its paws bathing my hand in mud as it tried to play. I reluctantly tore myself away from the goofy pet to continue my journey and called my friend back. "What was so urgent?" He enquired after picking up at the second ring. I tried to look back for another glimpse and replied with a beaming smile "I saw a dog".

Thanks to Mastercard Foundation for making this happen! We have incredible writers ready share their stories too, so stay tuned for those on HQ.

Folow us @covidhqafrica on Twitter and IG and subscribe to our newsletter to meet more fellows and check out their stories.