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The HQ Beat Vol. 1 No. 26

The HQ Beat Vol. 1 No. 26

COVIDHQ Editorial Squad

Kusheh from HQ!

Something interesting is happening almost two years after the virus emerged: we've stopped talking about things going 'back to normal' and have become accustomed to the emergence of new ways of being and just getting on with it! It is fascinating how easily we have adapted to digital events, exhibitions, ways of moving money and accessing information.

Unfortunately, the rampancy of misinformation about the pandemic and vaccines is also on the rise. This is dangerous for several reasons, but one of the key things about having information is that it is empowering. People are able to make enlightened, informed decisions about their bodies and wellbeing, which is invaluable and potentially life-saving. We keep pushing.

Enjoy your read.

The expectation that Africa should, for some reason, suffer the brunt of the pandemic is at the very least problematic. Africa has recorded, overall, lower infection numbers and a high number of recoveries, which seem to be 'baffling' scientists, as this piece in the Voice of America reports.

Scientists Mystified, Wary, as Africa Avoids COVID Disaster
Fewer than 6% of people in Africa are vaccinated and for months, the WHO has described Africa as “one of the least affected regions in the world” in its weekly pandemic reports

Muriel E. shares the story of how she contracted the virus, and what she realised with her brutal encounter with COVID-19.

A Near Fatal Wait
Murielle E. reflects on her brutal encounter with Covid19.

Cargo truck driver, Simon Kibera, spends hours on the road away from his family, which is a challenging experience. When COVID hit, he faced other challenges, including the stigma that came with his work. This is the story of how he survived.

Driving Against Stigma
Simon Kimera, a cargo truck driver and father of two, shares his experience dealing with separation and stigma.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has reiterated the strategic goal for South Africa, Kenya and other African countries to acquire and manufacture COVID-19 vaccines on the continent. Ramaphosa hosted his counterpart, Kenyan leader Uhuru Kenyatta this week and discussed various matters of import for the two nations. The countries have a longstanding, beneficial relationship.

Our #AmplifyHQ animator-in-residence, Black Rose the Artist, shares an intimate story about how two of his friends who didn't know each other were unexpectedly connected by a shared experience.

Beat Pic of the Week - I Am My Sister's Keeper

Photo by Moses Matofu Makokha