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The HQ Beat Vol. 1 No. 3

The HQ Beat Vol. 1 No. 3

COVIDHQ Editorial Squad

Muraho Bite from the HQ Squad.

In this week's Beat we get into the convos around vaccine patent waivers and financing instruments for the continent, on the back of a recently-held conference on the subject in Paris. There's a piece on the importance of research and development funding through the voices of young researchers. We get a glimpse into the ways a young academic had to adapt her teaching practice to accommodate digital platforms; and have a powerfully written story about healing and the reconciliation between a son and his father during the pandemic.


When they go lockdown, you go online. Lecturer Thulile Khanyile writes about adapting to online platforms during the pandemic, their impact on her ability to connect with her students, and what data access means for education on the continent.

Learning, Anew
Lecturer and doctoral candidate Thulile Khanyile reflects on how the pandemic has affected her work as a teacher and researcher, and learning in higher education.

Let them know, please. The heavy hitters from the continent descended on Paris for a summit and called for the lifting of vaccine patents to allow for their manufacture in Africa. Vaccine nationalism, according to French President Emmanuel Macron, is unsustainable, unfair and inefficient.

Paris summit calls for vaccine patents to be lifted in Africa amid Covid pandemic
A Paris summit seeking to boost financing in Africa amid the Covid-19 pandemic on Tuesday called for the lifting of vaccine patents to allow their manufacture on the continent, French President Emmanuel Macron said.

Healing the soul during the pandemic. For Michael Mutua, the pandemic was the catalyst for healing his relationship with his father. In his write up on HQ, Michael lays bare the myriad emotions this process brought up, and shares the baby steps he and his father continue to take towards each other.

Healing Takes Time
Michael Mutua Masila writes about dealing with abandonment and unexpectedly reconciling with an absent father.

The situation in India is not getting better, and HQ is following the surging crisis in that country closely. Given the country's role in getting vaccinations to many parts of Africa, this is a key factor in the continent's ability to get people vaccinated. Reuters reports that as the country battles the world's biggest jump in coronavirus infections, vaccine exports may only resume in October.

EXCLUSIVE: India unlikely to resume sizable COVID-19 vaccine exports until October
India is unlikely to resume major exports of COVID-19 vaccines until at least October as it diverts shots for domestic use, three government sources said, a longer-than-expected delay set to worsen supply shortages from the global COVAX initiative.

Now, the challenge becomes even tougher when there are vaccines expiring due to public hesitancy about their safety. BBC tells us about the situation in Malawi.

Malawi burns thousands of expired AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine doses
Health officials hope the event will increase public confidence in getting the vaccination.

And to close, African researchers have called for greater commitment and responsibility to research and development funding in the face of vaccine nationalism in this open letter:

African countries must muscle up their support and fill massive R&D gap
Scientific knowledge is a critical driver for human health and wellbeing, economic development and environmental sustainability.

Beat Pic of The Week—Mask Up, in Style

A young Sapeur shows off his mask - and his sartorial sensibility in Congo. Photo by Raissa Karama Rwizibuka, courtesy of Fondation Carminac