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Special Beat: A Masterful Move By The Mastercard Foundation

Special Beat: A Masterful Move By The Mastercard Foundation

The Foundation will deploy $1.3 billion over the next three years in partnership with the Africa CDC to provide vaccinations and vaccination support in Africa.

Chidi Afulezi
Chidi Afulezi

Good day to you. This is a special edition of the Beat, as we have exciting news to share with you: Mastercard Foundation is announcing a $1.3 billion fund deployment in partnership with the Africa CDC to provide vaccinations and vaccination support in Africa over the next three years.

When the pandemic broke out last year, there was a massive reaction from individuals and organizations that rallied to find ways to support their communities in understanding and handling the ramifications that came with the COVID-19 virus.

On the continent, one of the more unique and powerful efforts came from Mastercard Foundation. There was a clear push from the top to develop paths that provided relief to the people of the continent. This newsletter you are reading is just one of the pieces of the flywheel that Mastercard Foundation set up in 2020 as part of the COVIDHQAfrica campaign put in place by the Foundation last year. Resources and platforms were deployed to develop a messaging and content play to inform and educate a large swath of the African community on how to prevent infection from the virus, and also to highlight the grit and resilience of the African community via a high quality storytelling platform.

The Foundation has now taken it to a entirely whole new level. Under the leadership of Reeta Roy, and in partnership with Dr. John Nkengasong and Africa CDC, the Foundation has announced the Saving Lives and Livelihoods initiative, where $1.3B dollars will be deployed by the Foundation over the next three years to provide vaccines for fifty million people, support the manufacturing and delivery of vaccines on the continent, and shore up the Africa CDC's efforts and operations.

Mastercard Foundation President and CEO—Reeta Roy
Dr. John Nkengasong, Director Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Now that is serious. As in seriously putting your money where you entire organization's mouth is.

Note that this is not just an all out effort by the Foundation to stem the pandemic, it is an all hands on deck attempt to accelerate the economic recovery of the continent. As we all can attest to, the COVID crisis has put tremendous pressure on every economy and sector in Africa, with lockdowns and shelters in place putting a significant damper of economic activity. With a move like this, Mastercard Foundation continues to signal its commitment via its war chest to advance learning and promote financial inclusion for the continent and its people.

As a key part of the Foundation's initiative, we will continue to provide you with the stories of the people of Africa and how they are rebuilding and re-emerging from the pandemic. Our site also continues to provide key data points on the virus and vaccinations from all African countries and regions. And we join Mastercard Foundation and Africa CDC in their call on governments, global funders, the private sector, and others to redouble their efforts to save lives and livelihoods in Africa. We all should be doing our parts in this continental and global push.

Much kudos to Mastercard Foundation on a masterful move.

For more on this, please visit Mastercard Foundation and COVIDHQAfrica.